Universal Liver Application

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Chronic liver disease includes chronic hepatitis B, with or without cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis B is defined by the AASLD to include Asian male carriers > 40 years old, Asian female carriers > 50 years old. Additional clinical factors that would indicate a higher risk of HCC include family history of HCC, and Africa/North American black individuals.

Chronic intrahepatic biliary disease includes but is not limited to that due to primary sclerosing cholangitis, recurrent pyogenic cholangitis, and liver flukes.

Hypervascular primary malignancies include but are not limited to RCC, neuroendocrine tumor, melanoma, choriocarcinoma, thyroid carcinoma.

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Some options may be disabled depending on your specified clinical data (e.g., we only consider threshold growth and the presence of a pseudocapsule relevant for patients with known cirrhosis).

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